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When Others Innovate

We have all seen some widget or other on late night television and said out loud to the TV, “I thought of that 5 years ago!” Well, we actually did, but unlike the seller on the tube…we procrastinated and never followed through.

We’ve all done it!

Still others are brimming over with ideas and share them with everyone hoping that someone will back them in some product venture…failing because they never researched to find out it had been on the market for years somewhere else.

Then, there are the quiet people who find a unique opportunity, research it, check the marketability, production costs, etc. and begin producing something useful. Maybe, it was initially started on a shoestring or just maybe someone in a better economic position bought enough of the product to create a successful venture.

​That’s what happened to Time Challenger Labs International, Inc., a successful Texas and Ecuadorian company that started business in 2005 (originally under a different name) and landed a Network Radio Distribution deal where their product is advertised throughout 9 hour day radio programs. (Live for 3 hours in the U.S. and rebroadcasts worldwide 2 times later that day via shortwave.)

This product was unique when first introduced. It still leads the industry 11 years later in quality and content value. The product was the first in the nation to specifically target the health and “feeding” of Mitochondria and Mitochondrial DNA. Specifically, Mitochondria are the microscopic “energy extractors” found in every living human cell; without which we perish.

​The research conducted by the company found that public information was available which disclosed a unique combination of amino acids and vitamin-like materials which had proven Mitochondria are at the heart of human aging. It now appears to be THE MOST VITAL of all systems in the human body regarding aging. Further, information disclosed how studies were done at a public medical university proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that nourishing Mitochondria would enable humans to improve the quality of life by rejuvenating this vital living material in our cells.

The company contacted the university and discussed the publicly available information and found total disclosure and the following month, they were featured in a major science magazine article. They provided the explanation for converting “rat studies” dosages to human equivalents.

Soon the company began to experiment with the blend and found several additional vitamins and a new discovery; Resveratrol would enhance even further, this unique supplement.

As they say, the rest is history. Well, almost. After numerous requests from customers, the company (Time Challenger) began to create additional blends to satisfy other human needs; complaints about Arthritis, Diabetes, Sports Athletic Recovery Times, a Vegan Version, Minerals to complement the original product and something for dogs.

Again, the rest is history.

Then, people began to call with stories regarding what they had done with various versions of the original product. Some would open the capsules and add berry flavor, others would pour out the capsules into tuna fish with oil for their cats and still others would create skin crèmes.

The company listened. Soon, there were Chewables added and new, fresh smelling skin cremes and lotions. One customer asked for natural mosquito repellent and another wanted something for his immune system. Again, the company listened; products followed.

However, here is where things got exciting. One customer revealed a mix of Time Challenger Original capsule powder in coconut oil with a natural solvent used in the medical industry to penetrate the skin, yet available to the general public. They had applied this mixed blend to a large adhesive bandage and placed it on a wrenched area near the lower back. They claimed almost instant relief and full recover in less than a week. The company duplicated the mix and verified the customer’s claims to be accurate. The company however, will only generally refer to this situation as it has no plans to market the blend as a product. They do feel it is something anyone could explore though they are not making it a recommendation.

One of the unique benefits of the experimental crème blend was the reduction of swelling when applied to a sprain or bruise. It even seemed to speed skin healing and left no scar on the subjects to which it was applied. Another customer claimed the blend could reduce the color and size of age spots and moles.

The company does not make such claims but finds the evidence compelling and worth further study.

Finally, in 2015, the company decided to market a version of the skin crème which contains 20 parts per million of Colloidal Silver and Aloe Vera for burns, abrasions and minor cuts (superficial).

The lesson to this story? Simple. Keep your eyes open to opportunities. Be careful to research what is involved in starting a business…ask lots of questions and be prepared to be dazzled by the general public when someone recognizes unique qualities in your product and lets you know. Then, be prepared to venture further and develop that concept if you determine it could be a benefit to others.

Now, go mix up something. Dream a big dream, for small dreams have no power to ignite the imagination and fuel the spirit!

To quote Daniel H. Burnham, designer of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair:

“Make no small plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone will be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistency….”

By the way, the product discussed in this article is advertised in this publication since it happens to also keeps the publisher energized and this author authoring!

Be well!