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When Do We Decide?

When do we decide?

“What?” you will ask.

…..that the road we take is the right road and that we take it for the right reasons!

Let me explain: many years ago I began to learn this thing called the whole foods approach to living. Later, we started calling it a holistic lifestyle. And, still later, we are calling it Integrative Living.

At that first exposure, I made progress in beating swollen joints (knees)…no more donuts, less sugar and more exercise. Also, at that time a friend of mine, shall we call him William, started to notice my strange ways regarding food at work. I commented to him that being a Type II diabetic was somewhat a choice rather than just plain bad luck. And, I added, he could be cured of this condition if he worked at it.

​He promptly told me I was a nut and his doctor had assured him there was absolutely no cure…just maintenance. “OK”, I said but I knew that his 250-pound tonnage was mostly to blame even if he and old Doc would not go there! He was only 32. Three years later he missed work for three days in a row. He was found dead in his apartment, remains of a largely uneaten 24-ounce steak still on his dinner plate!

When should he have decided? Amazingly enough, he was talking to me about changing, maybe going on a weight loss program but, “That kind of thing is just TOO expensive.” He did however, have enough extra money for an extra-large pickup, hunting in Colorado and at least 6 Cokes a day. As they say: “Go figure!”

You see, it’s all about choices and the values we place on things other than our own biology. There are people who will buy a brand new $1,999 lawn tractor and refuse to buy $8 synthetic oil to preserve the small engine…regular oil fails within the first few weeks of use from heat!

People also fail the “Good Sense” test when it comes to their bodies even more often: people will spend $85 on an evening out with the spouse once a week but balk at $49 for a descent bottles of multivitamins. They will spend hundreds of dollars on new Wheel Rims but totally neglect any vitamins and minerals for their own bodies! They will even say, “If it’s my time, the Lord will take me so I’m going to enjoy life now!” For the life of me, I cannot imagine why “The Lord” gave them a brain in the first place…..

Now, how do we keep from making such stupid decisions without even meaning too? How do we watch what is waiting to take away little snippets of our lives almost every single day? How do we become more aware and still enjoy life in general? No one wants to go overboard with panic and worry!

Well, it begins with a slow but determined “Head Change”. (no, you do not need Dr. Frankenstein for this one) It’s just beginning to do certain things every day that add up to a big change in your life and your health.

Let’s look at examples;

1. “I drink too much.” If you drink 4 bears a night…drink three…more slowly.

2. “I buy stuff in the store that is bad for me.” Don’t go to the store hungry and avoid the “bad” isles…chips and sodas.

3. “I’m too fat.” Buy less prepackaged food and head to the fresh produce section and buy one new raw item.

4. “I lose weight and gain it back.” Read labels and keep the chemicals you take in to a minimum. Some ‘FOOD’ is really a package suited to be a great little chemistry set.

5. “I have a really bad sweet tooth!” You have a severe vitamin B complex deficiency. Take 3 x as much as is prescribed on the vitamin B complex label and watch the sweet tooth go away.

So, there is a time to decide. Perhaps now could work.

Know the secret to those folks who always seem to succeed at every challenge? Simple: do one small thing every day to improve….just a tiny thing that is part of a bigger thing…they add up. After 6 weeks it becomes a habit.

“Ok, all that sounds really great but that stuff is not for me…I never follow through.”

Oh, but you are SO wrong. You are following through very, very well. You are taking the road most traveled with most everyone else. And, you WILL succeed in the long run…bad health is your reward.

The medical profession, big pharma, the hospital systems and eventually the nursing homes are counting on your choices. They even tell you each and every day that you really need do nothing but take a pill and all will be well….well, except for the horrendous side effects or even death…but, the music in the commercials is so nice and the people are all smiling…you did not even notice…did you? But, in the long run you will remember to ask your doctor if “Gooblesockiepoop is right for you.” Right?

Is this for you? If not, take heart and make those very small changes every day: Less grains, less dairy, less alcohol, less sugar, less packaged chemical stuff that sort of looks like food, less stress (walk a little every day), drink a little coffee with a good friend or even three (makes us more caring and human), give a little of yourself to others by volunteering, smile at people you do not even know (that may be the only one they get that day!) and forgive yourself for falling short and expecting too much too soon. Just keep on keeping on…

I will leave you with this question: If you wear out early, the body you have now, where will YOU live later?

Be well.