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Are you challenged? Do you challenge yourself? What does it matter anyway?

These are questions people ask every day. But, are these questions necessary or could they possibly be life changing? Are the answers even worth considering?

Let’s take a look.

Back in 1970, I finished a 2 year Junior College with a degree in Telecommunications. Three of my friends refused to go on for 2 more years and complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science. It was not a problem with money for them. It was commitment to “Such a long time”.

Two years? Yes. They viewed the extra time as just too much time out of their lives. They chunked Challenge aside for an easier life. Years later, every one of these gentlemen could advance no further in their work without a B.S.

Was their choice wise? I’m not here to judge.

This article is merely an examination of the concept of Challenge. I personally feel Challenge is extremely necessary to get the most out of life. Without it, we just Settle.

Katie Wants You to Know

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years since Mrs. Smith brought Katie to see me at my office.

The complaints were the usual: low energy, a seeming lack of attention, being off in her field of competition, etc. She even seemed to have a bit of stiffness in her joints. All this was very bad when she would compete nationally as a superior athlete.

So, the first thing I asked was the typical veterinarian type questions (I am not a vet but, I am a nutritionist and Katie is a beautiful, Golden Retriever)

Mrs. Smith provided me with a long list of Katie’s dietary components. I immediately spotted the heavy reliance on dog food with grains as the first source of problems. This, I suggested, had to go if she wanted to eliminate the lack of attention, lower energy and above average stiffness before every exercise session and competition. I asked if Katie was getting eggs each day…yes, but we upped it to 3 each day. There was also the need for increasing essential oils filled with amino acids. We chose 1 tablespoon of cold pressed hemp oil. We also added one human capsule of Time Challenger for her mitochondria.

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evidenceBy Jerry Petermann, 2016

It’s a wakeup call for me. Mind my own business!

I sometimes let my empathy get in the way of good sense, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let me explain:
Last week after church (150 year old country church in rural Texas) people gathered out in front to talk and share some of their previous week’s joys and tragedies and their plans for the following seven days. In the service, we had heard the preacher ask for the prayers for the sick. One of my friends had been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Having done some intensive research in the last 12 years, I offered him a special crème. He explained to me he was “going under the knife” on the 20th of July and nothing could be done. I asked him if there would be a way to lower his prostate PSA numbers would he be interested. He said yes. I explained that time was extremely critical and tomorrow (Monday Morning) he should come to my office and lab. “I’ll be there bright and early! Let’s see if we can do this…maybe the surgery can be delayed or avoided completely,” he added. “That’s the plan,” I said.