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When Do We Decide?

When do we decide?

“What?” you will ask.

…..that the road we take is the right road and that we take it for the right reasons!

Let me explain: many years ago I began to learn this thing called the whole foods approach to living. Later, we started calling it a holistic lifestyle. And, still later, we are calling it Integrative Living.

At that first exposure, I made progress in beating swollen joints (knees)…no more donuts, less sugar and more exercise. Also, at that time a friend of mine, shall we call him William, started to notice my strange ways regarding food at work. I commented to him that being a Type II diabetic was somewhat a choice rather than just plain bad luck. And, I added, he could be cured of this condition if he worked at it.

​He promptly told me I was a nut and his doctor had assured him there was absolutely no cure…just maintenance. “OK”, I said but I knew that his 250-pound tonnage was mostly to blame even if he and old Doc would not go there! He was only 32. Three years later he missed work for three days in a row. He was found dead in his apartment, remains of a largely uneaten 24-ounce steak still on his dinner plate!

When should he have decided? Amazingly enough, he was talking to me about changing, maybe going on a weight loss program but, “That kind of thing is just TOO expensive.” He did however, have enough extra money for an extra-large pickup, hunting in Colorado and at least 6 Cokes a day. As they say: “Go figure!”

Grain, Our Brain and Being Sane

Here’s a topic for arguments…bread. That’s right…bread.

More precisely, grain. Maybe you’ve heard the claims; humans are not designed to be consuming grain.

“What? But, I only eat organic whole wheat berry bread and have oatmeal every morning for my fiber…I need that, right?

Well, maybe…actually, no. Numerous studies have been done over the last 5 years linking grain consumption to mental and cognition problems. Several researchers have found that removing grain (Wheat, oats, barley, rye, corn, etc.) from schizophrenia patients lowered or eliminated depression and suicidal thoughts.