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Would others say you have patience? What is it anyway?

Many people today confuse tolerance for genuine patience. That annoying fellow in the office next door, your brother-in-law…right; they require patience. Not really, just a healthy dose of tolerance and occasional tongue biting.
​Okay, I view patience as a true virtue. My little German grandmother had it and it was demonstrated through her relentless micro-knitting of a table cloth that relatives nearly threw in the trash after she passed away 45 years ago. A cousin rescued it and cherished it for the sheer appreciation of her effort (12 years of past time labor).

That’s patience.

Then, please remember the lady at the four-way stop that motioned you to go ahead although she clearly got to the stop before you…patience. What about the fellow who you have seen in a café whose order was forgotten and then politely allowed the wait staff to correct the problem.