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Are you challenged? Do you challenge yourself? What does it matter anyway?

These are questions people ask every day. But, are these questions necessary or could they possibly be life changing? Are the answers even worth considering?

Let’s take a look.

Back in 1970, I finished a 2 year Junior College with a degree in Telecommunications. Three of my friends refused to go on for 2 more years and complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science. It was not a problem with money for them. It was commitment to “Such a long time”.

Two years? Yes. They viewed the extra time as just too much time out of their lives. They chunked Challenge aside for an easier life. Years later, every one of these gentlemen could advance no further in their work without a B.S.

Was their choice wise? I’m not here to judge.

This article is merely an examination of the concept of Challenge. I personally feel Challenge is extremely necessary to get the most out of life. Without it, we just Settle.