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Do You Appreciate Humor?

Does anybody still remember Red Skelton, Jack Benny or Bob Hope?

Sure, we do and we who do should never forget. These people made us laugh and forget our troubles, maybe just for a little while. Often, that was enough to make Hell bearable as in World War II when these gentlemen entertained our troops, many times within ear shot of the front lines.

​This ingestion of humor, hope and back-home memories lifted spirits from death, destruction and virtual hopelessness. It restored the soul.

Today, we have lost this precious gift of innocent laughter and sentimentality, appreciation of the hearth and home and community nurturing. We have grown too jaded with the modern world. We just can’t let our friends see us have virtually uncontrolled belly laughs watching The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy or Skelton’s Gertrude and Heathcliff. No, their opinion of us matters too much…

The science tells us we were made to laugh…at others, at ourselves or at just plain silly things we do. It lifts spirits from the humdrum. It makes the blood flow better, the heart pound just a little more, and clears the pipes as we breathe more deeply. The brain rewards us with pleasure endorphins and a giddy feeling.