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Synergy Explained

Often, people discover medications prescribed by their doctor, or more likely doctors, have contraindications. They visit one physician and then, upon recommendations from a friend, visit a totally different one.

Neither doctor is aware of the other and each may prescribe meds separately…a dangerous combination! But, what is a contraindication? My grandfather would have referred to it as one of those big, 50 cent words. It simply means meds in conflict with other meds. Some are harmless but some put you 6 feet under.

So, we at Time Challenger Labs International, Inc. are often asked about conflicts with meds and our supplements. They are surprised to learn; we have no known conflicts, at least in the last 12 years of work. We have seen none.

So, now that this little and potentially deadly possibility has been put to rest exactly what is Synergy? The title needs explaining. Here goes:

Synergy is defined as two or more items, events or people which have commonality and produce interaction which is often greater than the individual inputs.


It’s best to give an example. When a person takes a Time Challenger Original supplement, many things happen. Healing begins, not from the capsule or product itself but from the body’s own mitochondria. They are fed and invigorated by this supplement designed just for mitochondrial health and wellbeing. When that happens, our living cells have a more complete synergistic relation with the mitochondria. Neither can live without the other.

This Time Challenger Original which is made for feeding mitochondria also has several synergist products which enhance the feeding of your mitochondria. One such material is the TC Mineral Complement product which provides a small boost to the body’s need for minerals and micronutrients such as chromium and selenium. It is not general knowledge that most vitamins consumed in this country are wasted. Oh, people take them religiously but miss taking the synergic minerals that actually make vitamins activate within their bodies. Ask almost anyone what minerals they take and most likely they will say something like, “I take One A Day”. Then you simply say, “But that’s a vitamin supplement…I asked about your mineral supplement.” Most of the time one is meet with a blank stare or simply “Minerals?” Few “get it” when it comes to this life giving – life saving synergy!

Again, with Time Challenger, the company recognized the potential for mitochondrial invigoration and correction of problems with flexibility of our body’s joints. When TC Original formula is combined synergistically with Glucosamine and Chondroitin (Time Challenger Arthritis Formula), not only are the mitochondria in the whole body fed and refreshed but, also those joint cells (which also have active mitochondria) which need natural lubricating and hydration. This has proven to be a winning combination and certain proof of the power of synergy at the cellular level.

Now, on to the hormone and fluids systems of the human body. Everyone knows huge amounts about the blood system: heart, arteries, veins, capillaries, etc. Few ever heard of the lymphatic fluids system, though they might have heard of lymph nodes or the like. Since the lymph system is really a bio-destroyer of pathogens and a duct work maze of waste disposal, anything that can improve the overall efficiency of this system would be a welcomed benefit. However, often this very critical system is merely removed and discarded as some extraneous baggage with little purpose.

Enter, Time Challenger Original Formula. Even this waste disposal system is made of living and necessary human cells. If this system’s mitochondria become toxified and sick, receives the leftovers of some junk food “meal”, begins to swell the lymph nodes in response, action is needed. What to do? Why, glad you asked. Go to the doctor and get some antibiotics…right?


Take a supplement which has a synergistic relationship with mitochondria. Work to feed this important cellular component (which also has a synergistic relationship with all lymph cells) and watch the lymph system clean up the problem! Synergy for everyone!

Now, let’s explore scaring and damaged tissue in the body. People say it is almost impossible to make scarred tissue normal again. Wrong. All that is needed is to get the mitochondria on the edge of the damage to start re-evaluating and restoring damaged cells. Slowly, the cells normalize and the scar begins to fade away. It’s the body’s way of saying, “Feed me well at the cellular level and watch what amazing things I can do for you!” Again, synergy between mitochondria, healthy cells and supplement’s food.

Tomorrow, the world will begin to realize this natural ability of our extraordinary cellular systems for health and healing. Eventually, modern medicine will recognize the need to promote cellular healing through precise nutritional targeting, supplementation and wellness promotion. They might even stop hammering down symptoms and totally ignoring alerts sent out by the human body warning of problems in need of repair. They might even stop prescribing meds to correct for the insane effects of their other meds. (no synergy there!)

Meanwhile, let’s get ourselves educated as to what works with what regarding supplements and natural healing, start eating actual food, stop placing medical doctors just slightly lower than the gods and start taking responsibility for our own health and well being.

Now, go take a walk and wake up to the fact that the natural world wants and relishes a synergist relationship with YOU! (get the ear buds out of your ears….Oh, that sound…it’s called birds singing….cool huh?)

​Be Well​