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Supplements! “Who Needs ‘em?”

supplementsby Jerry W. Petermann 2016

Let me introduce myself. I am 65 years of age, live in Texas and have been a scientist in several fields over the past 45 years. My latest area of interest is the human body; more specifically, Mitochondria and Mitochondrial DNA.

Why? Well, it seems this system of unique genetic material which is found in every living cell of every human being (AND NOT GENETICALLY RELATED TO YOUR HUMAN DNA!) keeps us alive. Without it we die. By the way, without our living cells, Mitochondria dies. We have what is referred to as a symbiotic relationship with Mitochondria. Truth be told: “We just can’t live without each other!”

So, here comes the question on everyone’s minds: “You are telling me there is something LIVING inside our cells and it’s not related to us? So how did we get it and how is it passed on from generation to generation…assuming it is passed on?”

And, here’s the answer: We just don’t know. For all intents and purposes it looks exactly like a germ or a virus-like “entity” that performs a life-saving role in the human body: It “digests” our food at the cellular level and hands over (to our cells internally) a substance known as ATP. The cells in our bodies then live on it.

We do not know where it came from or how it got into our bodies possibly millions of years ago. One thing we do know about; it is rather odd: it can only be passed down to our children, male and female, by the mother. The material resides in the human egg and Poppa has nothing to do with passing it on! That means it has a very unique method of reproducing itself: no sex…it merely divides into new Mitochondria. It is virtually a natural clone.

Since we scientists know it is critical to our existence, it has been studied extensively in recent years. We’ve learned several things about it (them)

  1. There are about 500 Mitochondria functioning in every living skin cell in our big toe; or any other skin cell in the body.
  2. There over 10,000 functioning in every brain neuron!
  3. People with Autism suffer from a depleted level of Mitochondria, especially in the frontal cortex of the brain, the reasoning portion. (Basically, their batteries are half charged…maybe a little more.)
  4. You will have the most Mitochondria when you are 28 years of age.
  5. As you age you lose more and more Mitochondria to poor nutrition and environmental pollution until you no longer have enough to stay alive…you die.
  6. Aging is primarily the death of Mitochondria (among other things)
  7. Aging is then…starving to death. (Mitochondria extracts nutrition from the food we eat and feeds the cells…reduced levels of Mitochondria …Starvation!

Many years ago, I served as a Christian Pastor in an Assisted Living Nursing Home. I was struck by the condition of the residents: Small, shriveled up people whom I had known up to 25 years before. Then, they has been much taller, some often over weight and most fairly robust. What had changed them? Why age, of course. But why?

Again, when someone is starving they can eat anything (in the latter stages of starving…old age) and gain nothing. Also, diseases take advantage of the sick and the weak and often the person’s own body turns on itself with such conditions as Arthritis, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, Stroke, Cancer, and on and on…..

As we live in this modern society, we are losing our minds to advertising and garbage sold as food. Advertising subtly convinces us to buy what we do not need, buy what is not healthy, treat Medical Doctors as small gods…remember that we are told THEY are in charge of OUR health care…live where the pollution is greatest (cities), break up the nuclear family and extended family (need these folks for mental support), settle for jobs instead to creating businesses and new things ourselves (as our ancestors did), take responsibility for our own financial condition…no welfare, educate ourselves and our children instead of allowing someone else to fill their heads with stuff we do not want them to believe and…when things just don’t work out…..either we are supposed to “ask your Doctor if ZGIFICUSUFUXZPOOT (pill that they tell you can kill you) is right for you”… or you could just go “Postal”.

Our Human Spirit is under assault. When that happens, guess what…your Mitochondria is under assault as well.

What to do?
The first line of defense is supplementation. Our food is just not “tuned” to provide the right nutrition for restoration of Mitochondria.

“Wait….did you say Restoration of Mitochondria? It has sounded like you were saying we would lose our Mitochondria and that’s that! You mean I could Restore Mitochondria in my body? How?”

That’s the correct question and the answer is yes. It depends however, on your age, weight and whether you are a consistent person. By that I mean, do you stick to a plan and take meds or supplements consistently as directed. If you want to rebuild Mitochondria and let your body begin the process of repairing what is worn down, then supplements “tuned” to feeding Mitochondria are a must. If you take such material it will also enhance every other supplement you are already ingesting. Frankly put, the body is better able to use the food you eat and therefore your cells in EVERY part of your body can become healthier. But, YOU must be CONSISTENT!

The first such Mitochondrial “Food” in the USA was Time Challenger. It’s sold by The Power Mall. Various versions of this product Time Challenger, also address such conditions as Diabetes, Arthritis and Mineral needs and are also available there.

Here’s a few other things you might want to do to help the process along:

  1. Turn off the TV or limit it to 1 hour a day. (You might discover someone else live with you.)
  2. Food: If it comes in a box…just eat the box…probably better for you. Better yet, buy fresh, organic food.
  3. Walk
  4. Visit people…leave the smart phone home…that’s being smart (and respectful)
  5. Buy supplements…the food that IS good for you is not good enough to undo the junk you have being eating up to now! Call this food health insurance.
  6. Volunteer for something that truly helps others help themselves…giveaways only help in the short term and hurt in the long run by building dependency.
  7. Believe in something and defend it.
  8. Laugh hardily everyday…read the comics.
  9. Say something good to someone you do not know and also hand out smiles. Remember this: that may be the only smile some person gets all day.
  10. And, Leave it Better Than You Found It!

Supplement your life with all these things; live full and well!

Till next time…Be Well.

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