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So, This is Tomorrow?

piramidBy Jerry Petermann, 2016

Tomorrow? Wow! How did I get here? It sure is different than what Walt Disney told us it would be like after the year 2000!

2000! Lunar colonies, missions to Mars and beyond. Everybody has a flying car that flies itself and more. Me, I just take the monorail to work and my wife teaches school from home. Our home is solar powered and there has not been a war in almost 40 years anywhere in the world….and, no one is hungry anymore…..

Well, it was supposed to be like that, wasn’t it? And what about health care? Oh, we were no longer supposed to get sick and it would almost seem dying had taken a permanent holiday.

What happened? What always happens…war and money; or as they used to say on the 1970’s TV show, Laugh In, war is good business!

Enough. I cannot go back to Walt’s vision of the world nor can you. We are where we are now and we have to negotiate very carefully through the minefield of deception and outright fraud regarding our food, health and environment! We need to stop giving others control of our lives and once again, as in our early days of America, become independent thinkers regarding virtually all things. We need to be aware that at every turn The System is trying to sell us something or some service which, we are told, we cannot live without!

President Jefferson was quoted as saying something akin to “keep your eyes on Liberty and those in Power or you shall surely lose your Liberty”. It follows with health care and the cozy relationship with Big Pharm (Government takeover of Health Care), our food supplies with Big Chem and Big Agri (poisons and GMO’s), and our personal safety at the hands of an ever more Militarized Police Presence in America.

But, we still have choices. We can still purchase clean, chem-free and GMO free food, we can still make many and varied health choices outside of the Government mandated system, and we can still man cameras, take down names, march, keep quite or leave if we so choose.

Regarding health, we have a virtual revolution in natural health education and understanding now available to every single one of us through the Internet. There is latterly no excuse to be ignorant of health, food, exercise and hydration. No Internet…we have 100% coverage of every citizen through free libraries. Those who can afford Internet at home have the whole world open to them from which to take charge, read and learn.

Yet, we have those saying; “Fu Fu…where did you get an idea like that?” regarding a friend who is dying and has run out of current medical options and will not even consider alternative treatment options. She will die from her ignorance, surely.

Every day, one should consider some small thing to look up and learn. Some small thing? The best motivational speakers in the world will always tell you if you want to accomplish something big, do many small things to get there. After all, the pyramids are not a solid block of stone, but many, many (small) blocks of stone which make the largest structures in the world.

This is the basis of learning to live better, live fuller, live more truthfully and very possibly…longer! It is working for the pyramids of Egypt!

But, what to learn? Sometimes, one’s greatest gift to one’s self is the gift of discernment…learning to know just what you do not know and being willing to give it a try! Here’s an example:

“Where there’s a Willie, there’s a Way!” or “You Don’t need Money, Just a little Bit a Month!” Famous words from the 1950’s from Willie Kurcuik, appliance store owner in Austin, Texas. Finally, in the late 1970’s at age 65, Willie sold out his store. No, he did not retire! He applied for and passed the exams to be accepted into Law School at The University of Texas in Austin. 3 ½ years later he received his law degree and promptly passed the State of Texas Bar Exam. Not many years later, his daughter serves as a District Court Judge in Austin, TX.

One never knows how much music is left in the soul until you really sing your heart out! Willie still inspires us all! He knew what he did not know and chose to learn that very thing. There is a “Chair” in his honor at the UT Law School.

The one thing you may choose to learn may not be quite so dramatic, however, you just might learn the very thing that could give you back your health even when the “professionals” say otherwise! Case in point: Me.

I had suffered for about 5 years with an odd heartbeat, not exactly irregular but definitely, not normal. I saw a middle aged heart doctor on several occasions including when I was transported to the hospital late one night by EMS. He immediately placed me on blood pressure medicine and told me there was nothing to be done, “Just live with it.” Needless to say, with the meds my energy tanked and I was a total slug.

One afternoon, I came in from mowing the lawn, took a shower and put on clean under ware. I immediately noticed my white tennis socks seemed to burn my skin slightly. Also, my tee shirt did the same. I also noticed that the laundry detergent fragrance was fairly strong. Then it struck me! I just might have built up an intolerance to these chemicals. So, I got dressed, went to the store and bought a fragrance free detergent and fragrance free drier sheet package. I then attacked everything I normally wore, slept on or came in contact with each week…wash, wash, wash. My wife came home to a complete laundry operation. I dried everything, re-showered and donned fresh clothes…NO BURN!

Two weeks later I slowly began to reduce my blood pressure meds. It took two more weeks and I was off the pills. I checked my heart….normal. Every day I checked….normal.

My next doctor’s visit was only two days away. I decided to go and tell him the “wonderful” news. “That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of…” and he laughed and walked out. His nurse walked in to check my rhythm and to schedule a new appointment. “How are you doing with your blood pressure meds?” she asked. “I don’t take any because I have no rhythm problems,” I answered. The doctor burst into the room and said, ‘I am your doctor and I prescribed those pills so you would have a normal heart rhythm and you need to take what I give you.”
I rose from my chair just as the nurse looked at her boss and said my rhythm was perfectly normal. “No sir, you are not my doctor and I will not take serious any medical professional who is so closed minded as to not recognize chemical fragrance poisoning when it stares him in the face! We are done.”

The doctor was furious. “You are no longer my patient!” I could not let it go. “Let’s get one thing straight….I just fired you! You see, you have been working for me…not the other way around!” He stormed out.

In the waiting room it got even more interesting. “That will be $45 for your co-pay,” barked the huge secretary. “I have to know where to send the bill,” I responded. “You pay me right here, now,” she glowered.

I smiled, “There must be some misunderstanding. You had me scheduled for 12 noon and I never saw the doctor till just after 1:30 P.M. Now, my shop rate at work (which I missed) is $30 an hour and 1 ½ hours makes $45.”

“What are you talking about? You owe this office $45.”

“No doubt. However, since I was told to arrive at noon and did not get in for 1 ½ hours, you ate up my work time….thus $45 is owed to me.”
“You can’t do that. The doctor was working. He couldn’t see you then…you owe the money.”

“So,” I retorted, “My work is not worth anything and his is? Here, I’ll just send you the bill at this address here on the card. Have a wonderful day.” I walked out and have never heard from them in the last 8 years! By the way, I am rhythm perfect to this day.

Had I not read about a young woman with the same symptoms and her solution, I might still be letting those two rule my life…….
Here’s how Willie might get you going: “You don’t need a whole education up front, just a little bit a month!”

Thank you Willie!!!