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New Stuff on Aging

“New Stuff on Aging…what now?” you ask.

It’s like this: we now know the primary cause of aging and related diseases associated with the process. It seems to come down to mutations, destruction and death at a cellular level cause primarily by mitochondrial loss.

Remember mitochondria? They are the little systems in every living cell in your body which extract energy from the food you eat every day. By “little”, I mean little. In the skin on your toe you have about 500 Mitochondria per cell. Not much going on there, right? However, in the brain you have over 10,000 Mitochondria in ever neuron cell. Lots of activity there and energy is burned at a high rate.

Now, let’s consider when in your life span you have the best and the most Mitochondria. Best? Of course, when you are twenty-eight and there has been limited time on the planet to do a lot of damage to these little systems.
You see, as we grow older in years we ingest, stress out or by environmental exposure to toxins damage or kill off …and yes, mutate our Mitochondria. Remember, we can’t live without them and by the way, neither can they.
Confused just a little? Here’s the REALLY weird part. Mitochondria is not human, at least not part of our genetics!!!
“Wait a minute? Are you telling me we have things growing inside us that is like some kind of virus or bacteria…some alien thing?”

Alien, probably not. But, yes, they are very much like a bacteria in that they reproduce by simple cell division…no sex or male or female Mitochondria. Now, I will tell you this has a wonderful advantage in helping us in the long run. Maybe they were once bacteria a very, very long time ago but no more.
Mitochondria are “passed down” generation after human generation by our mothers in the human egg. Both male and female humans receive their full measure of this precious material from our moms but only females can pass it on to the next generation. Males are not part of the process.

Okay, it is now known that Mitochondria are very sensitive to our food, environment and general health situations such as disease or stress. The more we live, the more we die; regarding Mitochondria. Therefore, by our later years…40 on…we start “feeling our age”. The Mitochondria is struggling to keep our cells alive and healthy as this also helps them survive. But, time takes its toll and can severely harm these systems so that at some point we no longer have enough viable Mitochondria to keep critical organs in the body functioning and we die.
“So, what is this great news about aging and this Mitochondria stuff?

The news is simply this: we can greatly influence the life cycles of Mitochondria and just by chance this also translates in better health and longer life for us!!! We can encourage Mitochondria to reproduce by dividing and therefore rejuvenating our living cells. They work for us, they feed us and they can restore us as well. We just need to know what they like and don’t like.

We must feed them with very special supplements tuned to boost their life cycles and repair their functions. Healthy Mitochondria reward us with increased vigor and energy, more cell power to repair internal damage to our bodies and help eliminate materials not conducive to our recovery.

We need to learn what to avoid in our lives, what to embrace and when to make changes. We need to decide if living life fulfilled or merely living to get along is acceptable. As one philosopher once noted: “We live our lives in a race to the grave. Everybody is in the same race. No one gets a pass. It’s just that some choose to live along the way.”
Want quality out of life or is just getting to the end of the race enough. Everybody will finish. There no medals at the end. There can be along the way, however. You even get to decide.

Be well.