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Misconceptions and Impressions

The Delicate ArchJerry Petermann, 2015

Just what do we believe and why?
Most of our core beliefs have been formed in early childhood. Then, we spend a lifetime adding, subtracting and generally modifying this basic set of “Impressions”.

Take a person raised by a family who regarded anyone other than their race or ethnicity as inferior. Then, this young person begins a life of meeting, engaging and generally discovering that such notions were wrong, just plain silly or down right hurtful….the basic “Impressions” have to be modified.

So, how about health, wellbeing or general information on how to live a productive life? What do we know and where did we get our general “Health Impressions”? Surprising little is learned every day and most is from our early childhood, from watching parents, relatives and people in our family circle and faith. I include faith since I grew up going to every church bazaar, picnic and fund raising supper since birth. This meant I ate the traditional foods of my community. I learned that foods from my German heritage were good for me…they told me so. No matter that a few years later I would see good people die of diseases directly related to their diet. Yet, how often did I hear these friends and relatives ever make the connection between their food and their maladies? That would be never.

So, what we believe is “inherited”, right. Sometimes.

Later in life we are exposed to the grown up world where people can actually look very different from us, eat differently and believe things that seem strange…but only to us. They too learned their “Early Impressions” and generally live them. And, surprisingly…they too are learning that these ideas may need work”.

Let’s look at some of these “Impressions” or possible misconceptions:

  1. Don’t swim after a meal. Not true. It is better to have a full stomach to avoid cramping.
  2. Fat makes you fat. Tell that to an Inuit (Eskimo) of traditional diet. They had virtually no heart disease or artery problems before modern diets were introduced. Yet, they ate between 50 to 70% fat in their diet. A portion of the fat actually was converted to carbohydrates satisfying their need for warmth!
  3. High Cholesterol will Kill YOU! Maybe…In fact, a long lived British study involving thousands of people with high cholesterol who took statins and a control group (Also with high cholesterol) who did not, proved that more people died from heart failure when treated for high cholesterol when treated with statins. The problem with this drug therapy is the destruction of the ratio between HDL and LDL. By the way, there is no “BAD cholesterol unless one messes with this ratio!
  4. Everything Natural is Good For You! Really? Who says? Poison ivy is natural. Hemlock is also “Natural”. Actual, everything organic and inorganic can be considered “Natural” at some stage of harvesting or processing. It almost seems that “Natural” now means that it came from planet Earth, not from somewhere else…the rules are so distorted! Be careful.
  5. It’s Organic so IT’s Good For Me! Sure….but what field did it come from when harvested? Was it a field completely devoid of minerals, a field near a commercial operation that might spray in that direction if the wind changed, etc. Was it among produce recently deemed “Organic” because some large agri-business made the right political contributions? Again, be careful.
  6. This Sugar is All Natural! Okay, but is it pure? It is still sugar that spikes blood sugar driving insulin up “Un-naturally”? Honey claims purity in many states yet the dirty little secret is that the government often allows high fructose corn syrup to be added as it is now (in many states) considered “Natural”. Many manufacturers are also adding maltodextrin powder to Stevia. Yet, this additive product is a corn syrup derivative!
  7. Exercise is Good For You…More is Even Better! Well, no. The people at the gym are actually shortening their lives if they work out for more than 30 minutes three times a week. The stress on the body actually subtracts from the longevity vigor enjoyed in many parts of the world where mere walking is the norm. A brisk walk at least 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes does more good than a gym membership in general and one benefits from less expense, less negative peer pressure. (“They look so great I need to work out more…but I just don’t have the time!”)
  8. There’s Nothing I Can Do About Getting Old! That is certainly true…IF you eat donuts every day, drink sodas like it doesn’t matter, hold the couch down from floating away, cringe at taking a walk, watch every negative news show and hate your job. (Just a few of the life destructors) So, improve your outlook, give up trash food and drink, walk, smile more, sing, tell jokes, love someone and realize you have only one body….where will YOU live if you ruin the only one YOU have to live in?
  9. Remember that not everything you believe is true! Give others a break. What they believe has the same relevance as what you believe. They learned their early “Impressions” early just like you. They are learning, just like you. Live and let live. You will feel better and you will feel better about others.
  10. I’ll get started tomorrow.. Wrong answer. Get started now. You owe it to yourself and the world will respect you for it. (Look for the good in others and you will surely find it!)

We believe what we believe.

Next time we will look at drink…all types for all occasions….okay?