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Living Like There is No Tomorrow

Ever heard that phrase?

Of, course. Everyone has, but what DOES IT MEAN?

Most people live their lives a bit restrained. They pay their bills, raise their children, go to work and come home, go to a movie, out to eat; the usual things.

They seldom participate in extreme anything…

So, just who Lives LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW? Well, it just might be these same people….

“What? How can you say that?”

Well, it might just depend on what defines risky behavior. Let me explain.

We all pretty much eat what we are told to eat, right? From the very beginning, right? Well, it doesn’t stop when we leave home. We are still “told what to eat and drink”.

By whom, you ask? By our society, and by the Mega Media Machine that sells us almost everything. We are no longer self-sufficient food-wise so we have to shop to eat and to live. Our choices are driven, by and large, by what we are told is exciting and wonderful, tasty and rewarding. No one is looking over our shoulder to question our choices or guide us to the best decisions for our health and well-being.

Later, with this behavior, we pay. And, oh how we pay!

In my Central Texas community, there seems to be a Minor Emergency Center on every other corner. What’s worst, they are needed! The Baby Boomers keep them bustling. You see, we are the generation who The Ad Men targeted over the last 50 years, just like it was portrayed in the now infamous television series. And, worst of all, we bought into it all!

Today, we are reaping the rewards of this advertising revolution…this incredible age of Brain Washing. Many are now the children and grandchildren of this 1960’s grand experiment. By now, no one really notices how extreme and pervasive it really is in our everyday lives. We pretty much just go along to get along.

Do you know there are almost no tall blond and excessively beautiful female drug industry reps visiting doctor’s office anymore? Why? YOU. You are much more effective in getting the doctors to market that new depression, weight loss or immune destroying drug (for the relief of just about anything that attacks your body).

Remember the commercials? “Just ask your doctor if Polywaddledoodlepoop is right for you!” as the music plays and pretty people parade around happily…then the music comes up and the people smile more and the narrator informs you it could do the most horrid of things to you, cause heart failure or even death. “Contact your doctor if you experience heart failure while taking Xxxxxzzzzzxxxxwhatever.” How? From your coffin?

We are Living Life as if There is No Tomorrow every time we open some box of prepared, food-like chemical (looks like food), junk food-like material (sold at your favorite fast food café) or drink those High Caffeine Energy Drinks with 5 -7 times more High Fructose Corn Syrup than Cokes. Why? The accumulation of microtoxins, excitotoxins and strange chemicals the body has never before experienced will change us forever, maybe only a molecule at a time. Several years’ worth and it might be just what is needed to tip us into cancer, hardening of the arteries, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or any number of diseases almost never experienced before the 1960’s.

You do not need to sky dive, race cars, have multiple partner sex, mountain climb, scuba dive, hang glide or whatever extreme sport that’s in fad now. Risk is risk. Often, risk is something accumulated over time such as use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs. Risk effects multiply. This is fact but advertising and food additives destroy your defenses. The term Excitotoxins is fairly new. It’s literally the chemical that drives you to eat a whole pie or bag of corn puffs without stopping. You are chemically primed to keep eating just the same as a drug addict who cannot say no to their drug of choice.

So, you may ask, why is this even allowed? Doesn’t the Food and Drug Administration control this kind of Industry misbehavior? No, no they do not. These folks do not even know the effects of more than 40,000 different chemicals now in use in the food and beverage industry. Secondly, money talks and buys some very convincing Food Industry Lobbyists who have unlimited expense accounts to give officials and Congress people the most beautiful vacations ever! Etc. Etc, Etc.

​And, you were thinking all along that this was going to be some article about Uncle Bob’s alcohol, tobacco and drug use problem or how he always endangered his family while intoxicated and never seemed to care about getting sober. Or, maybe you thought it was going to be some diatribe about only eating organic or maybe becoming a vegan.

Disappointed? Hope not. Since, I am as guilty as everyone else; I never knew what I was doing to my body for 35 years of drinking Diet Sodas, eating junk and watching TV till 2 A.M. (I left out the part about sitting several years of my life staring at the tube….)

But, as with me…there is hope. The body and the mind are resilient and change can do amazing things. If you learn to recognize the hype, stop buying non-food, get off the couch, rejoin life by putting others first and genuinely rediscover caring about life, the world’s bounty can be yours. Health can be yours and best of all, others will care about you as well.

So, how are you going to break this Ad Man hype?

Simple. Be informed about what you put in your mouth, solid, liquid or whatever.

Here’s an example of how it’s done: I went to a large food store a few weeks ago and was summoned as I walked past by a woman serving samples of a Strawberry power bar product. “You’ve just gotta try it. It’s made from organic strawberries and the best stuff you can get.”

I acknowledged her and respectfully asked if I could look closely at the packaging box so I could read the ingredients. “That’s my display; here just try it,” and she handed me a little paper bowl. “Sorry, I really need to read the box.”

“Okay,” she finally responded. For all the world, I could not find any strawberries in the ingredients. I could however, have started a really great chemistry set with the unpronounceable chemical list…I mean, Ingredients List.

“Now, are you satisfied? Just like I said? Right?” She gloated with her arms folded across her chest in defiance.

“Absolutely….but, honestly…I’m a bit allergic to strawberries…”

Oh brother! She was either a bald-faced liar or had never read the box…I believe she was actually…just clueless. And, so was almost every customer she convinced was as well!

Here’s the lesson to be learned:

Read packaging

Know that everything you put in your body affects you…positively or adversely

Eat fresh

Eat green

Eat a variety of colors of veggies

Stop eating grass…grain (we are not made to eat grain, period)

Smile more

Get more sun (avoid toxic sunscreens and just stay in the sun a little less)


And, most of all…love someone and be loveable.

Be well