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Katie Wants You to Know

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years since Mrs. Smith brought Katie to see me at my office.

The complaints were the usual: low energy, a seeming lack of attention, being off in her field of competition, etc. She even seemed to have a bit of stiffness in her joints. All this was very bad when she would compete nationally as a superior athlete.

So, the first thing I asked was the typical veterinarian type questions (I am not a vet but, I am a nutritionist and Katie is a beautiful, Golden Retriever)

Mrs. Smith provided me with a long list of Katie’s dietary components. I immediately spotted the heavy reliance on dog food with grains as the first source of problems. This, I suggested, had to go if she wanted to eliminate the lack of attention, lower energy and above average stiffness before every exercise session and competition. I asked if Katie was getting eggs each day…yes, but we upped it to 3 each day. There was also the need for increasing essential oils filled with amino acids. We chose 1 tablespoon of cold pressed hemp oil. We also added one human capsule of Time Challenger for her mitochondria.

By this time, you might wonder why Mrs. Smith decided to come to me. The reasoning was simple. She had been consulting with me on diet and restoration of mitochondria in her own body for a year before. She had been taking Time Challenger for over a year. The results were amazing. All of the “complaints” of Katie the dog were those of Mrs. Smith’s a year earlier. They had vanished for her and her energy and vigor was restored!

Why, might you ask would such ideas transfer to a 50-pound canine? We have to remember; dogs are mammals as well. Their mitochondria suffer as much as ours when assaulted with environmental and dietary elements that are not complimentary to their health.

For example, humans are very susceptible to the effects of grain. People have lost their sense of purpose, become schizophrenic, bi-polar and even suicidal when consuming grain; even whole grains.

Dogs are even more susceptible to effects of grain since their gut is shorter in length (they are carnivores) than people. They cannot process the enzymes in grass – grain. We fair a little better, but not much. In fact, studies have shown we fair very well when grain is removed from our diets completely. Many times neurotic symptoms disappear completely and a sense of purpose returns. Also, many report significant improvement in arthritic symptoms and migraines.

Katie could not tell Mrs. Smith how she felt. However, as a nationally ranked dog champion, it had become very obvious she was not at her potential.

It only took one month to see results! Katie’s stiffness vanished. Her keen eyes would search Mrs. Smith’s face and gestures eagerly awaiting to perform the next athletic set. She advanced almost immediately in her competition nationally to become ranked 3rd in the nation in her age and breed.

What can we learn? It’s not so hard to make the leap that we must also look carefully at our diets and ask ourselves every single time we consume anything this simple question: will this improve my health and wellbeing? You see, if we do not ask this question we run the risk of putting water or oil in the gas tank. We run the risk of just not caring if we are trashing the “Container” in which we live. I know for sure, most people never make the connection on the most basic level…daily.

What does it matter? You have to look at the Pyramids to understand. The largest one in Cairo has over 2,000,000 blocks of stone. Yet, of these blocks, none are made of sponge cake, corn puffs or candy. (Silly…sure) Get the point? The builders never placed a single block of soft sandstone as a “sort of make due, half -hearted attempt to get the job done…every block was important. How can your body be any less important when you nourish it on a daily basis? But, today you are often not eating to nourish the body, but to satisfy a false hunger created by chemicals in fake food.

Fortunately, Katie was never able to stop by the local convenience store for a “Refreshing Diet Coke” and a “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One” bag of fake potato chips. She was able to benefit from Mrs. Smith’s love and good dietary sense.

Tomorrow, you might think about the role food plays in your life. Snacking today is just fine but, try to keep it in the realm of real food. One building block of sandstone (or corn puffs) just might lead to a construction failure internally. It is food for thought as we really do not know how fake food excito-toxins could affect you in the next 5-10-15 or 20 years. We are not building the pyramids, but we surely do not want to destroy our chances to reap the rewards of a healthy longevity!

So, what can I do? Eat real food. Drink clean, fluoride-free water, less or no

colas and no fake food junk

​​ (sandstone blocks where the builder expects granite) and learn to see the bright side of life.

It is your job to learn. You are certainly up to the task since today there has never before been such vital information available to ordinary citizen! So, jump in and grab the gusto!!!!!

Until next time,

Be well!

PS: Katie says Woof, Woof!!!!