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Just a moment ago I watched my wife diligently preparing produce for refrigeration. She’d made her weekly trek for our groceries and was now cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing each apple, orange, cucumber, etc, in a bath of 2 gallons of water and one cup of Colloidal Silver.
​She accomplishes several things with this: the veggies and fruit are sanitized (dirt is washed off), most pesticides are removed (as best as possible since some penetrate the food), and the items are essentially sterilized with the silver colloid water. This helps keep the food fresher much longer.

So, my friends tell me my “High Dollar” purchases of organic foods and this procedure is bordering on silly. Too expensive and too much work.


Let’s take a look.

My wife loves mangos. Not me… However, there are no mangos available from the U.S.A., much less organic, at least in our Texas stores. As I travel abroad extensively, I am fully aware that most fruits and vegetables grown in other countries are sprayed with pesticides and fungicides which would NEVER pass inspection for use in America!

Recently, as a matter of fact, I spent some time in South America inspecting a banana plantation for scientific research into this very area. I watched a crop duster plane being emptied and refilled for another chemical spraying. The technician yelled at me to step back as the material would cause cancer if allowed to splash on my skin. I stepped back! Yet, this was the very material used on bananas sold to the U.S.A. which were NOT organic….

Okay? Wow…

Health wise, choosing organic is actually cheaper than chemically laden produce or canned goods. In the long run, your body pays the price for this material since a good portion of toxins are stored (isolated) in your body’s fat cells to keep you from getting sick. That has been proven when medical professionals helped morbidly obese people lose extreme amounts of weight. They become very sick in many cases from the chemicals being released as their fat was burned away. They generally did not die from these events but the foundation was laid for cancer and many other related disorders. These toxins which were freed up often wreaked havoc as they were purged from the body.


We just do not know when or if these chemicals will affect you, as every person is different. It just makes sense to wear seatbelts, brush your teeth, avoid extra tall ladders, keep llamas at a safe distance (they spit), and maybe even remember that rich uncle’s birthday occasionally. If it’s not true (buying organic and washing with colloidal silver water), why is there now a Minor Emergency Center on nearly every street corner? And, why is it that you personally know at least one person, maybe more who just died from cancer, was just diagnosed or was maybe …you?

The title of this article is “Incremental”. And, so it is with the corrosive effects of food which is not organic. You are dosed just a tiny amount every day until you may reach a tipping point. What happens then is subject to many, many factors in your life. Let’s take a look at a few you may want to examine in your life.

1. TV: Many hours of in activity could lead you to put on weight, become obese or even become diabetic.

2. Stress: Living with a job you hate, a spouse with whom you are perhaps incompatible, spending more than you make, encourages heart disease.

3. Smoking: Slow death, one cig at a time…time to stop.

4. Risk Taking: Extreme sports, multiple sexual partners, car racing, riding motorcycles in heavy traffic environments expose you to accidents or disease.

5. Listening to Stupid People’s Advice: Harsh words but some advice can kill you…example, extreme diets, cleanses, trying a new recreational drug….

Okay, by this time you might think I have wandered “Off the farm”. No.

Anything that consistently pushes you to extremes can have devastating effects on your Mitochondria. (the little systems in each living human cell which extracts energy from the food we eat and, in turn “feeds” our cells) Our Mitochondria are directly responsible for our health in that a human cell which is weak cannot fight off invaders or “adverse chemicals” we ingested from our food. These chemicals make Mitochondria weaker and weaker as we age, of course, as do stressors which produce adverse hormone responses in our bodies.

Any of these and many other stressors in our lives contribute to produce “Health Triggers” so, reducing even a few could help your Mitochondria fight back if needed. It could mean the very difference between health and sickness.

Therefore, I firmly believe buying organic, fresh produce which is not canned, frozen, dried, adulterated into non-food, preserved in plastic or just plain disgusting is better in the long run. Call it insurance for a healthy life. By the way, why do they call it Health Insurance when the only time most of us use it is when we are sick? (Maybe Sick Insurance just hasn’t got all that appealing a name…just a thought.)

So, you might want to consider paying now or paying later; since later you just might not feel up to it.

Be Well