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Grain, Our Brain and Being Sane

Here’s a topic for arguments…bread. That’s right…bread.

More precisely, grain. Maybe you’ve heard the claims; humans are not designed to be consuming grain.

“What? But, I only eat organic whole wheat berry bread and have oatmeal every morning for my fiber…I need that, right?

Well, maybe…actually, no. Numerous studies have been done over the last 5 years linking grain consumption to mental and cognition problems. Several researchers have found that removing grain (Wheat, oats, barley, rye, corn, etc.) from schizophrenia patients lowered or eliminated depression and suicidal thoughts.

Specifically, Dr. David Perlmutter penned a book entitled Grain Brain which details the scientific investigations into the destructive power of grain consumption. It is a Must Read!

I hold to this information as virtual gospel. I personally have seen remarkable changes in my Nutritional Clients. The most drastic changes have been in mood enhancement and dramatic weight control. People actually believe they are worthless at time when their brains drives them to consume large quantities of baked goods; merely because grain is actually addictive. Don’t believe it: try dropping all forms of grain from your diet for 7 days. The cravings will nearly make you crazy.

However, after two weeks of abstinence, you begin to feel as though a dull weight is off your brain. You might even be a bit more cheerful and agreeable. What you will notice for sure is the cravings have subsided and donuts may even look like the symbols they are; large, round, fat, empty calorie laden, gluten burdened round things with a hole in the middle…a big fat ZERO!

So, how did we get into this mess in the first place and why do we not tolerate grain nutritionally?

Scientists tell us that grain consumption began several thousands of years ago as mankind gradually settled down into communities to till the earth and harvest cereal grains which were mostly feed to animals. However, since we gave up the hunter-gather lifestyle, calorie requirements could not be met easily with merely eating domesticated animals. We needed extra carbs through winters and other scarcities. Logic said, “If our animals can eat this material we can to.” We learned to pound it down into course flour because it was very difficult to eat. We weren’t equipped to chew such hard materials.

Gradually, we began to select the plants with the biggest grain heads and throw the rest to the animals. We learned to selectively breed better tasting and more robust plants.

However, we were just not made to eat “grass”.

Fast forward to the early 1900’s. Mankind had perfected the art of baking and creating many different forms of bread and pastries. But, there was still one thing missing; bread that tasted more appealing. Most was still somewhat rough around the edges.

Farmers heard the call and began a concerted effort to increase grain gluten for better consistency and a yummier taste. By the 1990’s, the gluten content in bread had increased five-fold over the 1950’s and people loved it!

Suddenly, there seemed to be a huge outbreak among the population for gluten intolerance. Something was wrong. The medical establishment saw a multi-fold increase in depression over the first to mid 20th century. Then, it took scientist-doctors such as Dr. Perlmutter to determine the true culprit…bread (grain) consumption. His active research and that of earlier Grain-free pioneers began actively removing their patients from grain consumption and the “miracles” began to occur!

Also, there has been a multi-fold increase in IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and various additional bowel disorders: Graves Disease, Crones and Celiac since the 1950’s. Perhaps, the most devastating factor in driving this disaster: the Low Fat Revolution. People scarfed down pastries and breads labeled “Low Fat” with the false security of believing they would receive less harm than from fatty meats and oils such as palm and coconut. The damage was done and a whole generation now suffers with obesity and chronic heart and circulatory maladies.

Is this you? Are you among the Seriously Deceived health wise? What to do?

Let me bring you a glimpse of just what we face in the health profession. An elderly man and his wife came to me for “a magic pill” solution to their extreme health problems. I will not mention the woman’s problems but illuminate those of the man.

I will call him Walter.

“Walter, you indicated you have little urine flow during the day. You also told me you drink 6 to 7 glasses of water daily. I have a problem with that…where is the water going?”

He responded that almost hourly, he defecated liquid and very few solids.

I then asked, “Do you eat bread? How often?”

“Oh, I’ve got to have 2-3 slices of bread with every meal. But, I get my fiber in the morning with Malt O Meal.” (cooked wheat) But, I just keep losing weight lately.”

He didn’t have it to lose.

Here was a classic case of the active destruction of the bowel and eventually the kidneys!

“Do you ever see a reddish color to your urine when you actually do urinate.”

“I sure do…it’s pretty red and sometimes it burns so when that happens I just drink more water…2 or 3 glasses more. But, I’m used to it now after 10 or so years.”

I determined that his diet had to change. His bowel was being disrupted most likely from grain and gluten consumption. I do not practice medicine but it had the signs of Crones or Celiac disease; most definitely IBS. I recommended he immediately get a doctor to schedule a colonoscopy and that he stop eating all forms of grain immediately. I am not allowed to diagnose one of the diseases above but can recommend immediate abstinence from grain…nutritionally speaking.

“I have to have my bread. Been eating it for 78 years and I ain’t going to quit now. Besides, the Lord said, “Give us this day our daily bread”. I just need you to get me a pill that will take care of this problem. You got to understand, I love bread.”

Walter, I truly believe you love bread but I am convinced it does not like you. Could you just stop eating it for a couple of weeks and see what happens?

“That ain’t gonna happen. Let’s go Martha.”

He and his wife got up and left in a mild huff for not getting him that “Pill”.

Moral of the story: if you want to be well you may actually have to do something for yourself so that others can help you, too.

By the way, Gluten is a Latin word for glue…and that is just what it does to your small intestines!

Be Well

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