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evidenceBy Jerry Petermann, 2016

It’s a wakeup call for me. Mind my own business!

I sometimes let my empathy get in the way of good sense, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let me explain:
Last week after church (150 year old country church in rural Texas) people gathered out in front to talk and share some of their previous week’s joys and tragedies and their plans for the following seven days. In the service, we had heard the preacher ask for the prayers for the sick. One of my friends had been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Having done some intensive research in the last 12 years, I offered him a special crème. He explained to me he was “going under the knife” on the 20th of July and nothing could be done. I asked him if there would be a way to lower his prostate PSA numbers would he be interested. He said yes. I explained that time was extremely critical and tomorrow (Monday Morning) he should come to my office and lab. “I’ll be there bright and early! Let’s see if we can do this…maybe the surgery can be delayed or avoided completely,” he added. “That’s the plan,” I said.

Well, me and my big mouth….he comes dragging in to my office unannounced late Thursday afternoon. I asked where he’d been and that we’d lost 4 good days of intervention.” “I’ve been Real Busy…,” he said looking around as if he needed to go somewhere. “Well, are you on board or not?” I asked. “Oh yeah, you can count on me! Let’s see what you have.”

We went into the lab and I prepared the special crème using several supplements and Time Challenger Original Formula (to boast the mitochondria in his system for more energy production) along with a fairly inert skin penetrant. Again, I asked if he was going to follow the suggested protocol for wearing the small patch behind the scrotum, changing it every 24 hours and never, never forgetting to take Time Challenger by mouth; also with Time Challenger Mineral Complement. “I’m IN!” he said with a bold voice. (Again, stupid me….)

The following Monday I called him and he said he’d just gotten back from the Gulf Coast. “So, how’s the patient…changing the dressing every day and taking the TC on schedule?” “Well, I’m not doing everything exactly the way you laid out but tomorrow I’ll really get started!”

I was smoldering. First, the total cost of the products and the time was well over $150. Being a friend and fellow church member I’d not let him pay for any of it…actually, he never offered. Second, his procrastination had destroyed the last hope for the combination of products and the methodology having even the remotest hope of doing anything. And, third: his excuse of “I’ve been Real Busy!” left me angry….he’s retired and his kids just finished high school…he does absolutely NOTHING all day long. (I guess that takes effort, though!)

My response caught him off guard, “I’m not the one getting cut in July! (a country reference to castration of farm animals) Your effort is on this is less effective than peeing in the ocean….bring all of it back, now.” He responded, “Well, I could get on it in the morning….”

“No! Bring it back. You wasted your time and mine. I have dozens of others that need this material, people who are desperate for help.” Then, I hung up the phone.

I shouldn’t have done this. It was my fault. I knew that he might not have been serious since he was known for “Being Busy” all the time. But, I felt at least I should try. You see, in the U.S. about 5.5% of all prostate surgeries end in death. Of those that do survive, a large portion lose their erectile function since the main nerve giving control is almost on top of the prostate gland…nearly impossible to avoid severing during surgery! I had felt for him…I still do.

A long time ago, my very wise grandfather explained that people have to want something for themselves, you cannot want it for them. If they get something free, sometimes they place little value in that thing. This was my friend’s attitude.
By the way, last night he brought it back, both bottles opened but no pills taken…not one.

The Evidence for success of any particular thing is doing what is suggested or prescribed for that thing, in this case a set of protocols and proper use of two products to be taken by mouth. In my line of work (founder of a supplements labs), a few people have complained over the years that a product is ineffective. But, they are calling to reorder anyway. I comment, politely, that it has been over 3 months since they ordered. “Where did you order the product during the last 2 months?” I asked. “Oh no, this is the first time I’ve reordered,” they answer. (the products are made to last 1 month)

I asked if they have read the label for the amount they needed to take each day. More than once I have heard, “Sure, I always do that…I take 1 every day just like my One A Day Vitamins.” (It’s 4 a day for Time Challenger, not one.)
It’s very hard to get people to stop long enough from “Being Busy” to read and understand labels, much less remember to be consistent in taking supplements.

So, what’s my point?
We all need to examine the excuses we fabricate to allow ourselves to get by with not doing the things we really need to be doing. We need to take more responsibility for our own health. For all the world, I cannot understand why my friend, when given a possible way to avoid surgery and possibly prevent erectile dysfunction, would not do EVERYTHING to try and make it work! Me, I just don’t get it.

Now, as for Evidence….that only comes when the rules are followed to the best of our abilities. We need alternative choices in this modern “Drugged and Doped up” Pharmaceutical world when it comes to our own health. But, offered choices we at least need to try and make them work. Remember, you and only you are ultimately in charge of and responsible for your health.

Time Challenger’s line of products provide serious “food” for your Mitochondria. Well-fed Mitochondria in your cells provide more energy to replace, repair and rebuild what life has begun to use up and tear down. If you can make those repairs, all the other supplements you take just work better. Then, the Quality comes back to your Quality of Life!

Be well.

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