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Drink…Yes, No and Maybe

WaterJerry W. Petemann, January 2016

Happy New Year!

That calls for a drink…right? Yes, because I’ve gotten a nasty upper respiratory bug that thinks I need to leave the planet! So what to drink?

Let’s begin with one silly question. It’s a question most Medical Doctors may never ask you but it could be a matter of life and death. “How much do you drink?” No! Not that kind of DRINK! “WATER!!! For goodness sake!” Yes, water. Let me explain:

Around this time of year people tend to lower the amount of water they consume and may become dehydrated. Also, as one ages, the body can send out signals that feel like hunger but is in reality a request for water. So, how much is too much or too little? Wait….too much…you can do that to yourself? Well, yes. And the consequences are life threatening. Let’s look at this for just a moment.

“They” say you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Really? What if you are 100 pounds or 200 or 300…still apply? Sounds like a broad brush approach…standard medical practice of today…one size fits all and everyone is the same and everyone reacts the same. WRONG! Just like anything in life, water can be overdone. When that happens and a person consumes about twice the amount for their body’s needs a weird thing happens: they get MORE thirsty! Why? The base level of electrolytes are literally being washed away. Finally, in the last stages of trying to satisfy thirst created this way, death can follow from water poisoning…they merely drown in their own skin!

Let’s just say water is necessary. You will know if 3 glasses a day is enough…probably not. So, you simply add a little each day till you are no longer thirsty. Let your body tell you.

Now, let’s look at other drinks not often reviewed: Fruit juices. Good for you? Maybe…in moderation. However, a daily glass of OJ to start the day is NOT! Oh sure, you need the vitamin C and the electrolytes but what you and the chemistry of your body does not need is a sugar crash 30 minutes to 1 hour later. Nature never created fresh squeezed OJ for a reason…concentrated high fructose sugars. Oranges in nature were created with you in mind. The pulp and the meat of the fruit when eaten, slows the uptake of sugars and lowers the risk of a sugar crash later. Skip the OJ and go for the whole orange and feel the difference!

Coffee? Sure, but ditch the Artificial Chemistry Set Tasty Powdered Fake Creamer and use the real stuff if you must. Better yet…go straight and only have 2 -3 cups in the morning. What about Cream Lattes, Mochas, Cappuccinos, etc.? Well, if you want a few added pounds added every month…say two or three (That’s 24 to 36 more every year!) go ahead. However, you will need another cup later since these delights have 5 times the sugar than what you would add in the break room coffee bar. Sugar Crash in a mug!!!! You do remember those sugar crashes? By the way, 2 to 3 a day just might pay for your summer cruise ($7.50 x 2 x 200 days = OH BROTHER…$3,000.00!!!!) Might be better to buy stock in one of those companies!!!!

Collodial SilverWhat else? I’ll leave the topic of alcohol for another time. Let’s look at Colloidal Silver. You drink that for colds and stuff right? What about that? Let’s begin by examining the name: Colloidal Silver. What is that exactly?

It actually depends on who you ask…not the factual science. What? (or so it seems!) Colloidal Silver holds the record in the field of Supplemental Products for the MOST LIED ABOUT, MOST DISTORTED and MOST MISUNDERSTOOD of all supplements. It almost seems that ANYTHING GOES in the industry. “Buyer Be Ware!”

A warning is fine but how does the average person know what is true and what is not? THE NAME!!! If you ask a chemist to define a Colloid, that should be enough. “It’s a particle made up of 2 or more atoms bound together forming a molecule suspended in a liquid (distilled water) free of other contaminates.” That means it cannot be single atoms of silver in a liquid! Single atoms are not colloids.

Therefore, silver products that claim they are made up of single atoms in suspension in distilled water cannot be colloids, i.e , Colloidal Silver. But, exactly what are they? They are ions of silver. Ions? Those are atoms of silver metal that have been driven off bars of silver by high voltage in distilled water. These atoms are missing one electron and are chemically unstable. Technically, these atoms are “hungry” to replace these missing electrons. So what does this matter?

That poses a problem. Real colloids of silver are stable and do not combine with anything in the human body. They are NOT “Hungry” for electrons. Ions of silver when ingested, immediately seek out chloride and within 8 seconds combine to form silver chloride salt…salt in the blood made of sodium chloride now becomes silver chloride – sodium i.e., silver salt that is now (just like on black and white photographic paper- light sensitive) light sensitive! Your blood becomes light sensitive. In the worst case, people become purple due to this effect. (Over use of Ionic Silver causes Tin Man Disease) Colloidal Silver cannot do this!!!

So how do you know which is which? Simple. Pour it out in a clear glass and look for the slight yellow or purple color…that’s right purple. Colloidal Silver has a slight tint but will never turn you photo sensitive! Ionic silver is clear.

People make all sorts of claims but the true colloids of silver kill nearly 100% of ALL known pathogens (germs and virus) on earth and no germ or virus can ever become resistant to it!!!! Ionic silver is much less effective and has side effects on the body.

If the science is a bit much, contact us below and we will send you a free copy of a compilation on the subject – It’s called “Truth Be Told –Colloidal Silver” presented in layman’s terms. The lies need to stop!!!!!!!! Also see our article: Collodial Silver Revolution

Next time let’s look at Mitochondrial malnutrition or what is generally called AGING!
Be Well

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