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Deadly Convictions

turkeyBy Jerry Petermann, 2016

I remember it well. I was 11 years old and was helping load turkeys on to a truck for market well into the evening on our Central Texas farm. NASA had just launched a giant 100-foot-tall mylar balloon into earth orbit. In such an evening, this marvel of modern technology (created to bounce radio signals around the earth) would reflect the setting sun and glow as bright as the brightest star. It would also travel overhead, orbiting the earth every 90 minutes; such a sight!!!

An old farm hand was laboring with us to finish the job just as the satellite passed over in the western sky. I shouted to everyone, “Look, there goes Echo!!!” The old man kept his eyes to the task at hand on the ground. I said, “Mr. Henry, look. The NASA satellite is shining like a star!” He refused to look up. I asked, “Don’t you want to see it?” He kept his head down and simply said, “Don’t believe in that nonsense…”
I was stunned. All he had to do was look up. What a sight!!! However, his upbringing had taught him such things were impossible and seeing it would not have changed his mind.

Are we just like Mr. Henry? Do we believe so strongly in some things we would be willing to die regardless of evidence to the contrary? No? Well, think again!

A few months ago, a friend was diagnosed with cancer of the brain. Immediately, medical doctors performed brain surgery. Not surprisingly, two months later the cancer had spread throughout her body. Last week, she decided to go home and die because, “We’ve tried everything and it’s Gods will.”

Perhaps, it is God’s will. Who knows? But, her convictions are going to kill her.
No, she did not try everything. When it was suggested that she try a clinic where the whole body would be cleansed, she would be placed on vital juicing and organic nutrients with massive, mega-doses of vitamins and minerals, the whole family rose up in protest with the comment, “That stuff is just Fu Fu New Age Garbage”.

Truth be told, many people have had total recoveries with such approaches. Here’s one other thing to consider: her immediate brain surgery actually released massive amounts of cancer stem cells into the blood stream and they immediately set up shop all around the body. I had suggested eating one raw mushroom a day to stop this spread since mushrooms contain micro-toxins strong enough to deny cancer cells the ability to grow new blood vessels….same response, “Fu Fu…who told you that? If that was an option, our doctor would have told us! It’s just stupid.”

The satellite was glowing and Mr. Henry would not look. His decision did not cost him his life. For my friend and her family, it will.
I have this crazy idea that life is a precious gift and that no single person (or Doctor) has all the answers. When one is looking death in the face, you can throw up your hands (cop out) and say it’s meant to be (and follow your preconceived ideas) or you can treat life as something to fight to keep! If you do decode to fight, you have to educate yourself with options and explore them. Not all options are wise, but you just might find solutions modern medicine considers “off-the-radar”, solutions that have proven track records such as cleansing, mega-doses of vitamins and juicing with organic vegetables. It’s Your Life!

Recently, another friend passed away. He would not even follow the medical doctors’ protocols. It only took six months. His comment, “That stuff tastes like crap. If I can’t eat my steak and potatoes, let me die.” Sad. His 14 year old son and loving wife miss him.

Across the country, people are beginning to take charge of their medical lives. They are willing to ask for second opinions. They are even beginning to ask themselves, “Is what I am doing and how I am living setting me up for cancer in the future. Many are even beginning to perform preventive measures such as taking known natural cancer fighters such as Resveratrol. A few companies are even adding this powerful material to their products. One such product is Time Challenger, the first product in the US to incorporate Resveratrol in all of their mitochondrial enhancement supplements.

To be clear, that company makes no claims as to cancer fighting. Good health in prevention certainly does not hurt, however.
And, following that line of thought…quality vitamins, minerals, clean-chemical free water, fresh air and exercise will do no harm either!
As with anything, be consistent and fix a routine on which the body can thrive and grow resistant to poor health. “Fu Fu” is ignoring these suggestions.

So, just for a moment…examine your convictions. Explore just how far you would go to retain your beliefs and disregard alternatives. Hopefully, you are not dying now, but the satellite is coming overhead. Are you willing to look up and see it shining bright?
Be well.

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