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Flying Off the Handle

Flying Off the Handle


Well, it’s certainly something we have all done….at one time or another.


Life’s stressful and staying in control at all times is not in the personality genome of the human species.  Actually, it should not be. Let me explain.

Go back a few thousand years and we find ourselves in very primitive times where instinct and courage is king. Misinterpret the actions of some wild beast…you are dead.  However, if the beast kills someone in your family, rage (flying of the handle) fills the individual with energy and the desire to act immediately. Very useful when you need to act with courage and cunning.

In today’s world, not so much. However, there are times when “losing it” can actually signal to those in your realm that you are not to be crossed.  It’s not the best situation, but, coming from a normally calm person it can have import.

Generally speaking, flying off the handle, is not the best choice and it does seem to affect some people more than others. There is the person who spends 2+ hours plus day commuting to a job each way.  Why, I cannot imagine, but people do. These people often arrive at the office frazzled and unable to relate to others civically for a while. It’s best to learn what drives them and work to ease their tensions.

Then, there are the people who just seem to be surly all the time. 

Question…ever taken the time to learn why? I once worked with a man who could not say anything without a sour face and a grumble. This went on for years. Finally, I had enough and asked my boss, “What’s up with Frank?” 

“Sit down,” he said quietly.  “Frank is taking care of both his aging parents who never cared an ounce for him during most of his life. Now, however, they are totally dependent on him and he resents them for their previous attitudes.  He will not though, abandon his “duty” to his parents even if they may not actually deserve any kindness what so ever.  That is a tough pill to swallow every day. Go easy on him and avoid the subject of Mother’s or Father’s Day and good times growing up. He’s too hurt to deal with it.  However, if you need council on doing what you are doing related to work, you will see a great man under the surface.”  I was stunned and walked away with a better attitude.  Very shortly, Frank became a great friend.

Surly? That may only be an indication that there is pain underneath.

Recently, I saw a video, very short, that opened a man’s eyes to this very fact. He was irritated that people where not moving fast enough for his interests at a local coffee shop.  He nudged, made sarcastic remarks, and exhibited various other annoying behaviors until a large man shoved him into a chair and handed him some glasses, “Put these on!”  The man was very, very stern but the fellow resisted. Again, the man forcibly dropped the man into his chair and ordered him to wear the glasses. This time he put the glasses on. As he looked up, the large man had vanished but instead of clear vision, the glasses illumined each person’s situation with a word bubble over their heads!

One said, “Mother just died, in need of understanding” and another, “Just lost job and wonder how to feed my family”.  On and on, the man was given clues to every person’s situation. Slowly his attitude changed.

The young boy on the skateboard on the street by his driveway each morning was neglected and believed he was worth nothing to anyone. The man paused, this time instead of shouting obscenities at the youth, and asked, “Want to shoot some baskets?’  The man had a basketball hoop at the street.  The boy’s face lit up.

End of the video.

We have the ability to “read” others if we only slow down and pay closer attention. Try smiling at someone you do not know. Be kind and hold a door for someone…not just some lady. Anyone. Learn to recognize the signs of loneliness and distress.

“Flying off the handle” is just one of many signals that indicate you may need to be there for a person who might be hurting. Are you ready to be available, maybe just once?

You will be rewarded.

A wise man once said, “Smile at others for there are people who may only get that one smile all day. Yet, they will feel it for days!”

Until next time,

Be Well

New Stuff on Aging

“New Stuff on Aging…what now?” you ask.

It’s like this: we now know the primary cause of aging and related diseases associated with the process. It seems to come down to mutations, destruction and death at a cellular level cause primarily by mitochondrial loss.

Remember mitochondria? They are the little systems in every living cell in your body which extract energy from the food you eat every day. By “little”, I mean little. In the skin on your toe you have about 500 Mitochondria per cell. Not much going on there, right? However, in the brain you have over 10,000 Mitochondria in ever neuron cell. Lots of activity there and energy is burned at a high rate.

When Do We Decide?

When do we decide?

“What?” you will ask.

…..that the road we take is the right road and that we take it for the right reasons!

Let me explain: many years ago I began to learn this thing called the whole foods approach to living. Later, we started calling it a holistic lifestyle. And, still later, we are calling it Integrative Living.

At that first exposure, I made progress in beating swollen joints (knees)…no more donuts, less sugar and more exercise. Also, at that time a friend of mine, shall we call him William, started to notice my strange ways regarding food at work. I commented to him that being a Type II diabetic was somewhat a choice rather than just plain bad luck. And, I added, he could be cured of this condition if he worked at it.

​He promptly told me I was a nut and his doctor had assured him there was absolutely no cure…just maintenance. “OK”, I said but I knew that his 250-pound tonnage was mostly to blame even if he and old Doc would not go there! He was only 32. Three years later he missed work for three days in a row. He was found dead in his apartment, remains of a largely uneaten 24-ounce steak still on his dinner plate!

When should he have decided? Amazingly enough, he was talking to me about changing, maybe going on a weight loss program but, “That kind of thing is just TOO expensive.” He did however, have enough extra money for an extra-large pickup, hunting in Colorado and at least 6 Cokes a day. As they say: “Go figure!”

When Others Innovate

We have all seen some widget or other on late night television and said out loud to the TV, “I thought of that 5 years ago!” Well, we actually did, but unlike the seller on the tube…we procrastinated and never followed through.

We’ve all done it!

Still others are brimming over with ideas and share them with everyone hoping that someone will back them in some product venture…failing because they never researched to find out it had been on the market for years somewhere else.

Then, there are the quiet people who find a unique opportunity, research it, check the marketability, production costs, etc. and begin producing something useful. Maybe, it was initially started on a shoestring or just maybe someone in a better economic position bought enough of the product to create a successful venture.

​That’s what happened to Time Challenger Labs International, Inc., a successful Texas and Ecuadorian company that started business in 2005 (originally under a different name) and landed a Network Radio Distribution deal where their product is advertised throughout 9 hour day radio programs. (Live for 3 hours in the U.S. and rebroadcasts worldwide 2 times later that day via shortwave.)


Are you challenged? Do you challenge yourself? What does it matter anyway?

These are questions people ask every day. But, are these questions necessary or could they possibly be life changing? Are the answers even worth considering?

Let’s take a look.

Back in 1970, I finished a 2 year Junior College with a degree in Telecommunications. Three of my friends refused to go on for 2 more years and complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science. It was not a problem with money for them. It was commitment to “Such a long time”.

Two years? Yes. They viewed the extra time as just too much time out of their lives. They chunked Challenge aside for an easier life. Years later, every one of these gentlemen could advance no further in their work without a B.S.

Was their choice wise? I’m not here to judge.

This article is merely an examination of the concept of Challenge. I personally feel Challenge is extremely necessary to get the most out of life. Without it, we just Settle.

Living Like There is No Tomorrow

Ever heard that phrase?

Of, course. Everyone has, but what DOES IT MEAN?

Most people live their lives a bit restrained. They pay their bills, raise their children, go to work and come home, go to a movie, out to eat; the usual things.

They seldom participate in extreme anything…

So, just who Lives LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW? Well, it just might be these same people….

“What? How can you say that?”

Well, it might just depend on what defines risky behavior. Let me explain.

We all pretty much eat what we are told to eat, right? From the very beginning, right? Well, it doesn’t stop when we leave home. We are still “told what to eat and drink”.

Antibiotic Gloom and Doom

Over and over we are told the world is ending for modern medicine regarding the fight against germs and viruses of every form. We now know, people are dying in hospitals from flesh-eating bacteria and the elderly are succumbing to upper respiratory infections by the hundreds of thousands.

What can be done? Hand wringing for sure. Research…yes. Money, money, money…you bet!

What if all of this were simply due to patents and control of the marketplace, not medicine? It’s true. Let me explain.

Katie Wants You to Know

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years since Mrs. Smith brought Katie to see me at my office.

The complaints were the usual: low energy, a seeming lack of attention, being off in her field of competition, etc. She even seemed to have a bit of stiffness in her joints. All this was very bad when she would compete nationally as a superior athlete.

So, the first thing I asked was the typical veterinarian type questions (I am not a vet but, I am a nutritionist and Katie is a beautiful, Golden Retriever)

Mrs. Smith provided me with a long list of Katie’s dietary components. I immediately spotted the heavy reliance on dog food with grains as the first source of problems. This, I suggested, had to go if she wanted to eliminate the lack of attention, lower energy and above average stiffness before every exercise session and competition. I asked if Katie was getting eggs each day…yes, but we upped it to 3 each day. There was also the need for increasing essential oils filled with amino acids. We chose 1 tablespoon of cold pressed hemp oil. We also added one human capsule of Time Challenger for her mitochondria.


The other day a friend mentioned during morning coffee that a local man’s daughter who had become a successful doctor in San Antonio, TX had suffered a major heart attack. I winced. This was a girl who had been in high school with my own daughter. It only seemed to have been just a few years ago…

I have coffee two or three days a week at a local café at 4:30 A.M. with my friends of the R.O.M.E.O. Club…that’s Retired Old Men Eating Out. We, as every other morning coffee group of retired people across the
country, solve the problems of the community, the nation and the world. It’s press coverage we lack to get these solutions implemented…no matter.

Synergy Explained

Often, people discover medications prescribed by their doctor, or more likely doctors, have contraindications. They visit one physician and then, upon recommendations from a friend, visit a totally different one.

Neither doctor is aware of the other and each may prescribe meds separately…a dangerous combination! But, what is a contraindication? My grandfather would have referred to it as one of those big, 50 cent words. It simply means meds in conflict with other meds. Some are harmless but some put you 6 feet under.