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Aging…Really? Is that what it is?

By Jerry Petermann, 2-4-2016

Mitochondria HealthThat title sets you up …doesn’t it?

Everyone knows what aging is…right?
It’s what happens to every single person that has now or will every live. That is true, but it still does not tell anyone what AGING really is or why it happens.

Let’s lay it all out: Science now knows that AGING is nothing more than starving to DEATH slowly.

“WHAT? Granny gets her meals every day…so does Grandpa, Uncle Howard and Aunt Bessie!!! They are not starving!!!” At least that is what their friends and relatives would say. They would be WRONG. They are starving to DEATH. Most likely…so will I….and so will you….

How can this be? Very simply….the slow death of one’s Mitochondria. And, it is a SLOW death. You see, it begins just past your 28th birthday. But first, we have to know what Mitochondria is exactly and why we die because of it….or better put, the loss of it.

Every living cell has a system built in that processes the food nutrients we eat. This system is called Our Mitochondria. I label it as a system since there many Mitochondria working together in every cell to extract energy from out food and provide the fuel (called ATP) to make our bodies go. We live because of this ATP food created by Our Mitochondria for our cells.

Here’s the very strange part: Mitochondria are not related to humans…not really. They have their very own DNA…not the DNA you get from combined DNA from your Mom and Dad!

“Wait just a minute!!!” you might say. “How can something live inside of a person and not be related to them? Is it some kind of germ or virus?”

Good question. Scientists seem to think it might have been some sort of germ that was incorporated into the human system millions of years ago…a symbiotic relationship (something that benefits both organisms) that now functions as one unit. Neither can live without the other.
“So where does it come from and how does it get into a person?”

Again…great question! The human female egg is the carrier. Mitochondria are passed down to all humans, male or female, through the females only. Both male and female need it to survive but only the female passes it along. Now, comes the most interesting thing: This genetic system separate from our DNA does not have sex…it reproduces just like our human body cells do to keep us running…replace broken and worn out cells…by simple cell division. Therefore, each Mitochondria is to some degree…a clone. Just like a “cutting” taken from a plant, these systems are virtually identical.

“Now, exactly how many of these Mitochondria do we have, let’s say at 28? And, why is 28 so important?”
Maybe, billions!!! Your skin on a Big Toe has about 450 Mitochondria per living cell. The neurons of the brain however, each have over 10,000!!! As we get older…older than 28, we begin to lose Mitochondria. They begin to die off or mutate so they no longer can effectively “harvest” ATP energy to feed our cells. By the way, age 28 is for most people when you have the most Mitochondria you will ever have in your life. You feel young and energetic!

By the time you are 40, you begin to have small aches and pains. At 50, more. Finally in the 60’s and 70’s you are really “feeling your age”. Later, you may shrink in height and begin to lose weight no matter what you eat. Nursing homes are filled with small, shrunken people who may have been large and overweight once in their lives…no more. Why? Their Mitochondria is so depleted they no longer have the ability to “put on weight”. In truth, they are starving to death.

“But why?” Well, environmental factors and just plain sorry food. Modern food is not good for us or Mitochondria. We die sooner now and our Mitochondria declines faster than ever before.

This sounds bleak. It has been for as long as man can remember. Well, people will tell you that in ancient texts people supposedly lived hundreds of years….myth? Maybe…then again, maybe not. The quality of their food was more nutritious and their environment was less polluted.

A few years ago, rat studies were done at a California University Medical School on the effects of “feeding the Mitochondria” and the effect on longevity and health in general. The study went much like this:

Grandpa rats were compared to Teenage rats regarding appearance, maze running abilities, joint functions, hair color and sex drive…to name a few. Also, their cells were analyzed under a microscope for number of Mitochondria. The results were astounding. Nothing seemed to work well for Grandpa rats: maze, sex, hair color and joint function…they were just plain old. Also, they had many, many times fewer Mitochondria per living cell than the Teenage rats.

After feeding for 3 months the Grandpa rats “Mitochondria Food” and rat chow and the Teenage rats just rat chow, the results were astounding. Grandpa rats looked the same as the Teenage rats. They ran the maze the same, like the girls again, had no arthritic joints and…they had the exact number of Mitochondria per living cells as the Teenage rats!!! The scientists had turned back the clock! The Mitochondria had reproduced in the Grandpa rats to juvenile levels!

The studies were later published in Discover magazine in 2002 and 2003.

Translating this effect with the same materials has not been able to be duplicated exactly in humans but progress has been made. Serious reduction in joint problems have been observed, skin texture has been improved, mental cognition enhanced, Alzheimer’s effects reduced or mildly reversed, physical stamina enhanced to the point that runners have experienced significant advances in competitive times, and blood pressure lowered. All this was accomplished by translating the Rat Studies supplement amounts to “Feed Mitochondria” into human equivalencies.

The first product for this purpose in the USA was Time Challenger (Excellent Nutrition for Your Mitochondria). Initial introduction was in 2005. I was also the first supplement sold exclusively for the Feeding of Mitochondria. Included, was the first large recommended dose (600+ milligrams per day) of Resveratrol. Numerous other materials were also added to “round out” the proprietary blend portion of the product. Cost analysis of the product indicated it would cost over $250 if all materials were purchased separately from a health food store.

Today, across the world Time Challenger has grown to multiple products with common qualities, nourishing Mitochondria and bringing relief to many, many people.

Tomorrow, perhaps Mitochondria will truly be recognized as the very first step in the human cellular system; the first stage in rebuilding our bodies from what life has worn down.

Be Well.
Next time we will explore the relationship between the various fields of medicine and what you can do to take control of your own health destiny.

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